Zoey Dollaz on Haters: I’m Really From The Streets

In an exclusive interview with new artist Zoey Dollaz, the rapper was open about growing up in Miami, his successful single, “Blow A Check” that has helped skyrocket him to newfound stardom, and how he’s learning to deal with the haters.

Dollaz was born in Miami and raised in Haiti, which has contributed to his music, and how he creates. “It’s a lot of parties, you could get swayed away from you work, that’s it, typical Miami.” Staying focused is one thing the artist is set to do. Dollaz explained he’s still learning how to deal with haters by not responding to tweets, watching his composure and understanding his music is more important. “Cause I’m really from the streets, I deal with it another way, but on the platform, I’m on now I gotta not tweet back, I gotta watch my composure…now if I engage into something with someone else they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I have everything to lose.” The rapper also explained he did his hit single “Blow A Check,” not even a year ago, and when asked how it blew up so fast he stated, “Ignorant music matters… I guess it’s a feeling… when I recorded it, I was low on funds, and that’s how I was feeling like ‘Man I wanna blow a check.’ Zoey let us know the single isn’t typically the type of music he does, and the single had to grow on him.

Dollaz signed to Epic Records and Future’s Freebandz label. “Future is one of my favorite artists, you jump in the car with me you bound to hear future, if we have a two-hour ride, you gonna hear Future for two hours.” He explained how Future asked him to join the team, and it was a no-brainer for him.

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