MMGs Scrilla Is Making Boss Moves To Live Up To Gods Will

MMGs Scrilla Is Making Boss Moves To Live Up To Gods Will

MMGs Scrilla Is Making Boss Moves To Live Up To Gods Will

Andre “Scrilla” Scott felt his excitement mounting as he walked off the plane upon arriving in New York City last month. During Rozay’s recent promo run, Scrilla rolled with the MMG label CEO as he spent the weekend rubbing elbows with the likes of Funkmaster Flex while celebrating the release of Rozay’s ninth studio album Rather You Than Me. For the mainstream rookie, things like jet lag have already become a thing of the past. After spending numerous weeks traveling alongside the Maybach Music camp across the country while taking mental notes on how to carry himself just like the bawse, the Broward kid has absorbed plenty of beneficial pointers from his current mentor.

“The travelling is pretty much preparing me for the road myself,” said Scrilla. “I get to see all the do’s and the don’ts early in the game. When it’s time for me to go on the road, there will be certain things I can adjust to opposed to just coming into the game without any type of experience.”

Scrilla has nearly a decade of experience under his belt, but has been working to forecast right time to take in the shine of his own talented beam. Not long after dropping his 2014 mixtape I’m A Trustory Doe, Rozay officially signed him to MMG. After earning his new spot next to plattinum artists, he worked effortlessly to surpass everyone’s expectations by making the recording studio his new home. No apartment was really needed in all reality.

Within the past year, the Hollywood, FL native garnered new fans with street heavy tracks like “Scrillmatic” and “Supa Cindy,” featuring Rick Ross and Sam Sneak. His breakthrough single “Fork In The Pot” spread all over radio stations around the nation, and landed on MMG’s 2016 mixtape Priorities 5. Scrilla also recently added track 12 off Rather You Than Me , “Triple Platinum,” to his growing list of impressive performances.


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