Miami No Longer Has a True Sports Rival

miami sports rival

The University of Miami Hurricanes might have the best argument for a true rivalry left in Dade County. There’s no question that their contests against Florida State University still raise legitimate rage on both sides of the state. But even Noles-Canes has become a one-sided affair for more than a decade, with FSU challenging for national titles and UM cycling through coaches like audibles at the line of scrimmage.

Noles aside, none of these other teams bothers Miami fans much anymore. Yes, we still dislike them and their fan bases, but it’s been so long since those rivalries’ peaks that it’s almost hard to remember ever really caring. The fact that the Dolphins-Jets, Dolphins-Bills, and Heat-Knicks rivalries aren’t as heated as they once were is obvious; the stakes aren’t as high, and the games have drastically changed.


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