Man Swinging Pipe At Miami Adult Store Threatens Police

Man swinging pipe at adult video store

Man Swinging Pipe At Miami Adult Store Threatens Police

A man who swung a metal pipe at employees and customers at an adult video store in Miami refused to leave and threatened to kill the police officers who intervened, police said.
Amer Abdelkhaliq, 31, was arrested Sunday after the incident at the Miami Playground, an adult video store where he works.
According to a Miami police report, officers arrived and saw Abdelkhaliq swinging the pipe at passersby. Police said Abdelkhaliq refused to leave several times and said he wasn’t doing “s—” when he was asked to stop.  Police said Abdelkhaliq kept screaming and claimed that he was going to shoot the two officers.  “(Abdelkhaliq said) he was an Arab and he was going to kill all officers,” the police report said.  Abdelkhaliq “screamed that the Orlando massacre was going to be nothing compared to what he was getting ready to do” and that he had access to AK-47s and all types of weapons, the report said.


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