Goodbye, Ballers: The Miami Moments We’ll Miss in Season 3

Goodbye, Ballers: The Miami Moments We'll Miss

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and his HBO football comedy Ballers have decided to relocate for Season 3, ditching production in Miami in favor of a move to Los Angeles. California has promised the show a $8.3 million TV tax incentive for making the move, as well as a few other bells and whistles the Sunshine State just couldn’t match.

It’s a tough L to take, but Miami must pick up the pieces and move on. Someday there might be another football comedy that hilariously feeds into South Florida stereotypes, but Ballers will always be the first.

Now that the series has packed up for the West Coast, Miamians will miss getting a glimpse at Ballers-Miami, a Miami that looks nothing like the one we see on our drives to work every day.

Rest in peace, Ballers-Miami. These are the parts about you we’ll miss most.


Dwyane Johnson getting or giving bad news

Dwyane Johnson getting or giving bad news at a restaurant but never eating anything.

After watching roughly 20 episodes of Ballers, we finally realized something: Johnson’s character, Spencer Strasmore, is always at a trendy Miami Beach brunch spot to give or receive news. If he’s not at a restaurant, he’s on his way to one. But he rarely eats.
He’s just popping in — you know, like we do in Miami. Come to think of it, this was exactly how things went down every day in Entourage, another HBO series executive-produced by Mark Wahlberg. We’re onto you, Marky Mark.



John David Washington

John David Washington playing the role of Miami Dolphins’ Jarvis Landry.

It’s never said, but the character Ricky Jerret is obviously HBO’s version of Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry. So what happens now? Jerret’s character ended Season 2 in a state of limbo, team-wise, so it’s unclear how his management team (and show) moving to California will affect the story line.


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