Catch Up With The Stepsisters

The Miami rap duo best known for the brash delivery and colorful fashion just released there new album “Savage Sisters”.We caught up with The Stepsisters during Revolt weekend and had a chance to get up close and personal with our favorite rap duo.

Introduce yourself to our readers

Hey what’s popping ? I’m Nenah Blaque and I’m in a rap duo with my sister “Mona Vinci” together we are “The Stepsisters.”

Tell us what has changed since your last project.

(NB) So much has change for us since 40s and jumpsuits. We gained a larger fan base, gained more listeners, supporters and we just got verified on instagram so congrats to us, our families are more tuned in and involved in what we got going on.

(MV) Since our last project “40’s and jumpsuits” we’ve done shows, expanded beyond rap into fashion and dance and we have even released a new album titled “Savage Sisters”.

How is Savage Sisters different from 40′ and jumpsuits?

(NB) I think there’s a big difference between  both albums. 40s and jumpsuits was just a kick off to our career, and listening back to that project compared to Savage Sisters, I’m just going to say,  I applaud the both of us, because you can hear the growth, how we cater to our music on savage sisters vs 40s and jumpsuits . On savage sisters We gave our female listeners something they can relate to relationships wise, we gave a bit  more sex overall our vocals sounds a bit more mature on savage sisters than our first album.

(MV) Savage Sisters is different from 40’s and Jumpsuits because our swag has elevated in terms of flows and beat picking. The album is more melodic and even sounds more mature. You can hear the growth.



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