Supa Cindy – Rick Ross feat. Sam Sneak & Scrilla

supa cindy

Rick Ross is toasting yet another industry friend, dedicating the track to 99 JAMZ personality Supa Cindy, who holds it down on the rapper’s local Miami station. MMG’s own Sam Sneak and Scrilla are also present, but Ross is the center of attention here, using Supa Cindy as a term for women who are on their A-game across the board.

Rozay gathered MMG’s hometown artists, DJ Sam Sneak and Scrilla, to create a new vibe based on everything about the Haitian & Dominican radio personality from 99 JAMZ. On Wednesday, September 28, Supa Cindy, who was born Cindy Doucet, hosted a private listening session prior to the official release of the single that bears her name. Cindy premiered the song for a handful of the tri-county area’s top-notch DJs, like A Fly Guy, Stevie J, and DJ Meat just to name a few.

The song dropped via Empire Records, a company that recently struck a distribution deal with Doucet. “Supa Cindy” will be the first record to be released through her new media imprint, CinD Media, which will open the doors for local artists on the rise in Miami. Although she doesn’t rap on the song herself, Cindy jests that she’s on the hunt for a ghostwriter to help her out with the remix to the record.

Ross seems due to release a new studio album sooner or later, and these recent releases are hopefully leading up to an announcement. His last project was December’s underrated Black Market.

Quotable Lyrics:
If she a bad bitch, I gotta call her Supa Cindy
She brought a dime with her
Rozay call it two for 20
Spillin’ champagne in the club
Hope you won’t get offended
24s in the front
We know who really winning

supa cindyPhoto by Tony Centeno

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