Space Is Reborn In Miami


When one club door closes, another opens. Quite literally, in fact.

2016 was a year of change the world over, and dance music didn’t go unscathed. When the legendary Space Ibiza shuttered its doors this season, guided to its final breath by Carl Cox, many a seasoned clubber lamented the end of an era – and a hole in the heart of the island.

While Ibiza will surely be hard-pressed to replace its 27-years-running institution, something special has been reborn in its wake… 5,000 miles away in Miami, Florida.

Club Space Miami has been alive and kicking for 16 years, but it’s about to kick even harder. As of this month, Space Miami has a new set of owners.

Before you roll your eyes, imagining yet another money-hungry flock of bourgeoisie boys swooping down to cash in on the commercialized dance music craze, know this: they’re anything but.

Space’s new parents are three homegrown locals who have been passionately upping Miami’s underground electronic music game for years. Davide Danese, Coloma Kaboomsky and David Sinopoli are talent booking, party throwing mavericks who drive some of the world’s greatst acts to South Florida because they love the music, they love the scene, they love their city and they want to bring out the best of it.


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