Miami Has Major Doughnut Game

Miami Has Major Doughnut Game

There’s no shortage of doughnut shops in South Florida. Sure you can go to one of the chains, but why cheat yourself? We live in a place where there are flavors like maple bacon and key lime and doughnuts with chocolate shooters ready to be injected into the fluffy center. The list is in alphabetical order so you can choose your favorite.


1. The Dandee Donut Factory

This place has over 50 varieties of doughnuts so decision making could be tough here. These are not fancy over-the-top confections, just doughnuts made the old fashioned way (which is mentioned throughout their website and on their menu). They’ve got traditional glazed, the classic favorite with chocolate and sprinkles and yes, one topped with bacon pieces.

The Dandee Donut Factory



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