Lil Dred From Liberty City – We’re Real Entrepreneurs, Rap Is a Gateway

Lil Dred From Liberty City - We're Real Entrepreneurs


Lil Dred From Liberty City – We’re Real Entrepreneurs, Rap Is a Gateway

Lil Dred could be the Slick Rick of Liberty City.

His storytelling rhymes are movie-like. His raps are fire. And he’s about to hit the avenue with 10,000 copies of his new Hosted by the Streets EP

He learned the hustle from his dad, Nate “The Great” Brooks, a three-time national champion football player with the University of Miami and an independent rapper who sold 50K out the trunk.

Here’s what Lil Dred had to say about why he can’t wife no shone, the family business, and the popular demand for his music.

Wasup congratulations on making great music.

F’sho, I appreciate that, man, been workin hard.

How’d you get started rapping?

I been rappin’ since I was small with my dad. He was already into it. He played football for UM. And when someone got a superstar in their family, they always gon’ get a little light. But bein’ serious and takin’ it upon myself, for the last 3 years. I’m 21 right now. That’s when the whole Dred idea came about. Dred is a saying between me and my homeboys. It’s an idiom which means “dreams really evolve daily.”

How’d you come up with the new EP?

I called it Hosted By The Streets because I never gave no DJ my music, but when I went to the club and the parties around the city, they already had it. They were palying it without me giving it to them. Usually you have to give a DJ your music for them to play it, but the streets had a popular demand for me.

What were you doing with it for them to find or know about it?

I uploaded it to Dat Piff and Soundcloud, and now we pressing up like 10,000 copies we gettin ready to go hit the streets and the school zones up with.

In your music, you talk about the Old Scotts and the New Scotts in Liberty City. Tell the people what you mean by that….


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