Gucci Mane Destroyed His First South Florida Concert In Years


gucci mane

Since he was released from an Indiana federal penitentiary after serving three years for federal drug and gun charges, Gucci Mane has yet to take his freedom for granted.

Not long after his release, Guwop made the trip to Miami to turn up for Memorial Day Weekend with his first lady Keyshia Ka’ior. After the release of his first post-prison album Everybody Looking in July, it’s been nothing short of spectacular to watch Gucci open a new chapter of his career while remaining sober as a nun.

He also consistently dropped banger after banger with his next LP Woptober already set to drop this month (10/17). Now that the summer is over, Gucci made his return to South Florida for a special show at Cafe Iguanas in Pembroke Pines to usher in the burrrr season.

DJ Slick Rick kicked off the party from the booth before 99 JAMZ’ DJ Nasty arrived and played a handful of Wop classics to get the audience turnt up and ready for the trap god to hit the stage. While the main room was packed to capacity with fans eager to put on Zone 6, the VIP section was even more congested as Team Hennessey invaded the exclusive area to the left and behind the stage. Numerous bottles were paraded throughout VIP every hour before Gucci Mane made his grand entrance.



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