All About DJ Khaled’s Big Man Swag

All About DJ Khaled’s Big Man Swag

After one night of going through a YouTube binge, specifically a random DJ Khaled bender, I fell into a k-hole of his over-the-top music videos and became fascinated by the producer’s style. When he wasn’t shirtless and zipping around on his Snapchat-famous jet ski, his style was luxurious! Lavish! Even boisterous! In one video, he lazed by the pool in a plush open robe, the back emblazoned with his signature “key,” or he opted for a casual lounge vibe, wooing a video vixen on a pink velvet couch in the middle of a fantastical garden, donning an unbuttoned floral print silk shirt and a neck full of hefty, gilded chains. Khaled is no small guy, either: He’s dressed to be heard and, of course, seen—and he pulls off those outré getups entertainingly well. As my editor refers to it, Khaled has “big man swag.”

It’s a refreshing, opulent look. Mythological even. See his album cover for Major Key? In a cloud of heavenly roses, Khaled sits on a throne in an all-black body guard ensemble with a layer of bling around his neck, sporting a massive, glinting watch, and yes, accessorizes the whole look with a mammoth lion. Khaled’s larger-than-life aesthetic is a far cry from the meek boys who dabble in normcore and is a palette cleanser from the skinny teenage Supreme hypebeasts that have infiltrated Instagram. Whether he is promoting TurboTax on Instagram in a retro track jacket or holds a super-sized golden key in a paisley buttondown, Khaled’s flash-forward style matches his infectious personality. I am not the only one who has become slightly infatuated with the Khaled phenomenon. As my West Coast colleague Cameron Bird wrote via text: “There was something about a three-quarter zip pullover mixed with a chain bracelet that sent tingles through my body.” Noted.


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