108 Rounds Fired 0n Miami’s Palmetto Expressway

108 Rounds Fired 0n Miami’s Palmetto Expressway

Horvin Samar Ruiz is the only person who knows for sure whether he wanted to die. As mightily as he seemed to try, he ultimately failed.

Ruiz, 36, turned his Toyota Corolla around on the Palmetto Expressway early Monday morning and drove head-on into traffic, crashing into a family of five, police said. Then he fired his modified semi-automatic weapon at their minivan, striking it repeatedly.

As other cars came to offer help, he fired at them, too. When police arrived, he fired the AK-47 until it ran out of ammunition. Then he dropped it on the ground and retrieved a 9 mm handgun from his damaged vehicle, according to police.

He fired at police officers through his car window. A cop shot back. Remarkably, after what can only be described as total bedlam, Ruiz dropped his weapons, got out of his car and surrendered.

Police said that Ruiz fired off at least 108 rounds from the AK-47 and handgun at drivers and officers along the Palmetto Expressway.

When police tallied the damage, at least 11 people had been classified as victims, meaning they were fired at or their vehicles were struck by bullets. Wang Hong-Feng, 37, whom Ruiz crashed into when he drove the wrong way on the Palmetto and whose car was struck multiple times by bullets, was driving with his pregnant wife and their three kids, ages, 2, 4 and 6. They weren’t injured.

Miami-Dade police Detective Robin Pinkard called it “amazing, by the grace of God,” that no one was shot. “The car he initially started shooting at was a family,” she said.


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